Why Hire a FAA DER?

Nobody likes to wait for things they need.  Waiting can be a waste of time, and time is money.  So some folks jump into their DO-254 or DO-178C programs blindly, trying to figure it out [...]

What are the Implications of Order 8110.105A?

As we’ve said before, the regulatory world is in constant flux. This is due to ongoing changes in technology as well as advancement and better understanding of safety-related aspects for aviation.  With all these changes, [...]

What’s the Latest in DO-254 Policy?

The state of the regulatory world is in constant flux. This is especially true in the area of DO-254.  Besides changes to the newly published FAA order 8110.105A  and the EASA AMC 20-152A (see separate [...]

Tool Controlled Artifacts and Evidence

Section 7 of DO-254 tells us “The configuration management process is intended to provide the ability to consistently replicate the configuration item, regenerate the information if necessary and modify the configuration item in a controlled [...]

Preparing for AEH DO-254 SOI-3

Process Assurance is a really important role in a DO-254 program. (Likewise, Quality Assurance in a DO-178C program). If done well, it can save companies a lot of time and expense by making SOI audits [...]

Why Do Target Testing?

A common inquiry from applicants is whether they have to do target testing, and if so, why, and how much to do. RTCA/DO-254, along with FAA Order 8110.105A, both emphasize the expectation that the testing [...]