If you are looking for resources to help with your DO-254 and/or DO-178C program, you’ve come to the right place.

Compliance Tools

The Process and Artifact Compliance Tool (PACT)
facilitates and guides you through all they key…

DO-254/178C Training

Thorough and high-quality training should be the first step for any organization seeking to become…

DO-254/DO-178C Templates

Templates offer a quick way to get your “DO” program off to a good start. Airworthiness Certification…

DO-254/DO-178C Checklists

Checklists keep you on track throughout your program, acting as a guide for your Process/Quality Assurance, and minimizing risk of costly audit findings.


Offering Expertise, Integrity, and Great Products

“Tammy delivers tailored training and certification support to her clients that is hands-on and practical. She is effective in helping the recipient define a usable and compliant process.”

The Boeing Company

“Tammy has provided valuable training classes to hardware design and quality engineers in our company. The training material provided a fresh perspective on certification processes and allowed us to improve our own internal processes.”

Crane Aerospace

Tammy brought us up to speed for DO-178C during an intensive, on-site course. Not only did she educate us on processes for certification, but she also provided some practical guidelines based on her years of experience in the field. The course materials provided thorough coverage of the certification process, templates, and references to the appropriate standards when further process details were sought.”

Friedt Professional Engineering Services, Inc

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