Process and Artifact Compliance Tool

Instrumental for DO-254, DO-178C and Similar Certification Projects

What if there was ONE inexpensive tool that could replace your current requirements management, version control, problem reporting, and documentation systems? What if it helped your entire team navigate the complexity and flows of DO-254, DO-178C and DO-278 programs, while reducing cost and risk? What if it could bring your whole geographically-dispersed worldwide team together into a single web-based secure environment, where they could access all the project data pertinent to their roles?

You’ve found it. That’s PACT!

PACT is the industry’s most targeted and cost-effective tool supporting DO-254, DO-178C and DO-278 programs.

PACT facilitates and guides you through all the key compliance aspects of your DO-254 or DO-178C program. PACT helps to establish a formal agreement of compliance between project team, customer, and certification authority by providing a crucial framework to create your planning documents (using the industry’s most up-to-date and educational documentation templates), capture and trace requirements, design, source and tests; edit and control documents (with a full suite of templates provides); perform reviews (using a comprehensive set of checklists) and track Action Items to closure; formally track and manage Problem Reports for your design.

In essence, PACT brings the entire team, process, and compliance evidence together into a web-based environment built and backed-up on AWS secure servers (supporting ITAR), that can easily be utilized by the development team and presented as needed to customers and auditors.

“DO” programs done easier. That’s PACT.