“ACS templates & checklists have accelerated Aerosonic’s ability to stay compliant to the latest changes in the standards. Thank you, Tammy Reeve!”

VP of Engineering at Aerosonic

“Tammy is highly knowledgeable about DO-178 and aerospace applications. Her knowledge coupled with her ability to teach and mentor is a great asset to have. I had the pleasure of working on programs where Tammy was the consulting DER. She provided a clear path towards approval and worked with the program engineers to get there. I would recommend Tammy for any Software DER role!”

Blue Origin

“I had the pleasure to work with Tammy for many years on various certification projects all around the world. While my focus was more related to EASA rules, it was great to benefit from her expertise of FAA views about DO-178 and DO-254. Tammy has a strong technical background and spent time in various Working Groups to share her experience and understand the rationale of what is written in various standards and guidelines. That involvement is critical for providing practical recommendations to project teams : Tammy is able to provide a very effective support by explaining gaps but also practical ways to fill them.”

R&R Consulting, Aerospace & Defense Operations

“(I) Worked with Tammy Reeve on numerous avionics development and certification projects. Her knowledge regarding matters of process, development and certification are at the expert level. As an RTCA DO-178 and DO-254 subject matter expert her insights are valuable to any organization regardless of their history and experience. She also effectively counsels on the most practical path for a certification project. I could not recommend Tammy Reeve highly enough.”

Korry Electronics Co.

“We hired Tammy as a consultant for helping us secure DO-254 DAL-A certification for our Flight Controls Power products. Tammy provided expert guidance and advice that was instrumental in helping our team deliver on-time to aggressive schedules. In addition to a successful project, Tammy transfers valuable processes and information to the design team for future projects. I highly recommend Tammy and the Patmos team.”

Crane Aerospace & Electronics

“Tammy is an articulate, intelligent and helpful consultant. She is expert in her knowledge of DO-178 & DO-254 in their application in FAA approved systems and equipment. Tammy is forceful in her accurate opinion of how documentation should be organized and set up to achieve rapid certification. In this often complicated and difficult effort to receive TSO or STC, Tammy is efficient. I highly recommend her for any certification work.”

CIES, Inc.

“Tammy delivers tailored training and certification support to her clients that is hands-on and practical. She is effective in helping the recipient define a usable and compliant process.”

The Boeing Company

“Tammy has provided valuable training classes to hardware design and quality engineers in our company. The training material provided a fresh perspective on certification processes and allowed us to improve our own internal processes.”

Crane Aerospace

“Tammy brought us up to speed for DO-178C during an intensive, on-site course. Not only did she educate us on processes for certification, but she also provided some practical guidelines based on her years of experience in the field. The course materials provided thorough coverage of the certification process, templates, and references to the appropriate standards when further process details were sought.”

Friedt Professional Engineering Services, Inc

“The training was very good. Your materials are very organized.”

Belcan Company

“I think the material is fantastic!”

Engineering Professional (Consultant)

“Even though I already do engineering work for DO-254 programs, this training helped fill in some gaps that I hadn’t received in other training. And it was a very convenient format for me to learn on my own time.”

FPGA Verification Engineer (Consultant)

“Tammy’s DO-254 DER experience and Michelle’s hardware development tools and technical sales background is evident in the training material, where the combination of their talents have resulted in an in-depth, yet approachable tutorial on all major aspects of DO-254. They have created a useful source of DO-254 education, balanced with real-world examples for various lifecycle topics that help the novice get quickly up to speed with FAA expectations for DO-254 compliance, as well as giving those familiar with DO-254, insight, advice and examples that can help streamline their processes and avoid common missteps. The presentations are well organized, and are an excellent source of reference material for anyone involved with managing or creating DO-254 compliant avionics.”

Independent DO-254 Consultant/Engineer

Tammy has generously given her time to participate in several industry committees for years, including acting as SAE Aerotech Chair for AEH and the FAA trainer for Do-254. She has visited numerous countries and is known worldwide as an authority in digital hardware design and avionics certification.

Finally, I must comment on Tammy as a colleague. There are dozens of engineers like me who have had their careers supported by Tammy. She is a wise counselor, a standard bearer of integrity and civility, and is as highly respected as anyone in her field.


Tammy Reeve is a recipient of the prestigious SAE International 2020 J. Cordell Breed Award for Women Leaders due to the extraordinary success she has achieved while running two certified women-owned companies and maintaining a well-defined and structured work-life balance with her family and community. This award recognizes women active in all sectors of the mobility industry who have achieved the best balance of life both professionally and personally.