Welcome to the PACT demo page. Embedded here is a series of short videos that describes the Process and Artifact Compliance Tools, PACT for short, the industry’s newest and most comprehensive resource for those working on avionics systems involving DO-254 and/or DO-178C compliance (or other similar safety-critical programs). The videos below introduce the tool and highlight the key features that help facilitate compliance and minimize certification risk.  We recommend viewing the PACT demo videos in order. If you have any questions about the tool or would like a quote, please email click here.

1 Introduction to PACT
2 How to Log in and Intro to the PACT GUI
3 Introduction to PACT Projects
4 Managing System Requirements in PACT
5 Other Project Info Managed by PACT
6 An Overview of Hardware and Software items in PACT
7 How PACT Facilitates Documentation
8 Requirements Management in PACT
9 Managing Source Code in PACT
10 Capturing and Managing Test Cases/Procedures in PACT
11 Problem Report Management in PACT
12 Automatic Requirements Traceability Matrix Generation in PACT
13 Holding and Managing Reviews in PACT
14 Recapping the Features of PACT