Start learning DO-178C right now with this on-demand, online, on-your-own-time, formal DO-178C training course. This two-day course is tuned for the software engineer facing compliance with DO-178C for the first time or simply wanting to refresh their understanding of today’s airborne software compliance processes – now including a comparison of the changes from DO-178B to DO-178C. The course begins with a Certification Overview and then covers DO-178C and how to navigate and interpret it. It also includes all the latest policy documents that influence DO-178C compliance, including the Supplements (DO-330, 331, 332 and 333), AC/AMC 20-115D, FAA_Order_8110.49A, AC/AMC 20-189, AC 00-69, AC 00-71, and AMC 20-193.

This on-demand course, which is a recording from a live training session, is rich with all the essential information involved with DO-178C compliance, including many inside tips for success in your DO-178C program! Taught by industry-renowned certification expert and FAA DER, Tammy Reeve, this course offers all the information and tips you’ll need to get started. If you are an engineer or manager with new or upcoming compliance requirements and are trying to understand what DO-178C entails –and how to be successful in your program — this course is for you.

This course first talks about where the policy comes from and how it fits into the overall aircraft certification process, giving the student the regulatory background of which DO-178C is a part. It introduces other documents that interface with and influence DO-178C compliance. Then the class dives into the DO-178C life cycle, exploring the compliant development process in detail, including introducing the stage of involvement (SOI) audits that will occur at various phases. Finally, the course examines the additional considerations that involve so many programs, including how to handle previously developed software, what needs to be done for tool qualification, alternative methods, software reliability models, and product service history. What the Supplements are and how to use them is also included. Emphasis is placed on understanding the RTCA/DO-178C document and how to interpret and use it most effectively.

This course includes nine lectures, exercises to help reinforce the lecture material, and a comprehensive set of supplemental (publicly available) policy and guidance documents that are involved with and help clarify DO-178C compliance.

  • Introduction to the Class
  • Module 1:  Aircraft Certification and SW
  • Module 2: Systems Safety and SW
  • Module 3: How DO-178C fits into the Certification Process
  • Module 4: The Software Life Cycle – Part 1
  • Module 4: The Software Life Cycle – Part 2
  • Module 4: The Software Life Cycle – Part 3
  • Module 4: The Software Life Cycle – Part 4
  • Modules 5-6-7: Additional Considerations and Supplements

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