Mistake #3: Improper Retention of Verification Results

Let’s continue with our discussion of common mistakes. DO-254 and DO-178C have numerous objectives related to verification, which can be accomplished through reviews, analysis, or test.  The results of these activities must be retained. A [...]

Mistake #1: Planning After the Fact

A number of my blogs are dedicated to discussing the top mistakes that are commonly encountered in the compliance process. The # 1 mistake is...Creating Plans After the Fact. It seems that many folks mistakenly [...]

Are Checklists Really Necessary?

No one really likes filling out checklists for reviews. So, do you have to have them?  Truthfully, the answer is “No.” But for practical reasons, I’d like to say “Yes” because they can be a [...]

DO-254 and DO-178C are Top-Down Processes

This is one of those things you really need to understand from the get-go. DO-254 and DO-178C are Top-Down processes. This means you start the project with compliance in mind and work it from the [...]

Understanding the Reasons for DO-254/DO-178C

If you’re new to DO-254 or DO-178C compliance requirements – maybe you’re working on a UAV or military project – and you’re just starting to look at this, you might thing “Wow, this looks like [...]