Paul Carrick, Software Engineer

Paul Carrick
Paul Carrick

Paul Carrick has 40+ years experience designing and implementing software solutions. He has worked in many different industries and in several different roles.  He has worked on everything from SASS/Web Based Applications, Desktop Applications, Backend Applications, Software tools, Hardware Integration down to drivers and embedded applications. He has worked in diverse fields such as E-Commerce, Software Applications, Finance, AI, Systems Administration and Printing. When at Paul wrote some of the first shipping software used to ship all of Amazon’s packages, including interfacing with an automated shipping line and won a “Just Do It” award for his work there. In his role as a Software developer he has written hundreds of different applications and tools.

Tool Set Experience

Languages: Ruby/Rails, C/C++, C#, Java, JavaScript, Perl, Python, PHP, HTML, Pascal, BASIC (Visual, and many others), XML, YAML, CSS, SCSS, SQL, AJAX
Databases: Postgres, MySQL, MS SQL Server, Oracle, HP, PICK
Libraries: .NET, JQuery, J2EE, ActiveX
Data Formats/Standards: XML, SOAP, JSON, TCP/IP, OLE, MAPI
Operating Systems: Windows (All versions), MSDOS, Mac OS (All Versions), Linux (Red Hat, Ubuntu, Fedora, SCO), UNIX (HP, Solaris). PrimeOS, PICK
Tools: MS Visual Studio, Eclipse, Komodo, Git/github, SVN, CVS, Apache, Tomcat, Docker, NGINX

Projects include

  • dataVISION (Web Based Financial CRM)
  • Shipping Software and First List Page on Amazon’s Website
  • Computer Associates UniCenter Paradigm (Help Desk Software)
  • Proteus (Magazine Layout Software)
  • Preps (Printing Layout Software)
  • Star Accounting Software