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Thorough and high-quality training should be the first step for any organization seeking to become proficient in the complex and nuanced world of airborne electronic certification.  For this reason, Airworthiness Certification Services offers the industry leading training options of Patmos Engineering Services, including online, on site, customized or whatever your company needs.

Whether it is hardware or software, it is impossible to just read the DO-254 or DO-178C standards and understand what truly needs to be done. Thus, setting up a low risk, compliant design flow requires learning from industry experts in terms of “how” to be compliant in the most efficient ways. There is no better expert than Tammy Reeve, President of Patmos Engineering Services.

Tammy offers flexible training for every situation. Some companies prefer to train people as a team. Others require bringing new team members up to speed as they join. Some prefer on site or customized training, tuned to the company’s specific needs. Others prefer to have their employees learn in a more flexible “on your own time and at your own pace” environment.

Regardless of your situation, Patmos has the knowledge, high quality materials and options suitable for you.  Patmos has taught hundreds of DO-254 and DO-178C classes to thousands of students using materials taught by Patmos to FAA personnel themselves! You too can be trained by Patmos in whatever format is most suitable.

On-line/On Demand Training

If you need training immediately or if you are just seeking training for several students, then on-demand training may be right for you. Patmos is a partner in a new and unique online training platform called the “Avionics Certification Academy”, where students can learn DO-254, DO-178C and more on their own time and at their own pace in a highly convenience and low-cost format. List of Avionics Certification Academy Courses

Patmos Onsite TrainingLive Onsite

Patmos DO-254/178C Training

If your entire team needs training, then it may be most economical and convenient to have Patmos come to you for live, onsite training. Patmos offers a number of standard training classes for DO-254, DO-178C and ARP 4754A.


If your team needs specific training and your project could use some assistance, then it may be most suitable to have Patmos prepare customized training, come to your site and deliver both training and consulting services.

Hybrid Training

Training can also be delivered live but online, in either a standard or customized format. Just ask!